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Girls (sporty/athletic), how attractive am I/would I be?

I'm really embarrassed to be posting this, but I wanted to vent this. I wanna know what some of you would think about someone like me. See, I'm currently out of shape. Once COVID Omicron is less of an issue, I plan on finding a gym or dojo near me, both so I can get fit and so I can hopefully find someone and start a relationship.

And I want some legit feedback from women who are sporty/gym rats or just work out.
Girls (sporty/athletic), how attractive am I/would I be?
The reason why I'm hoping a gym/dojo can help me with finding a partner with that is because... well, I find physical strength and toughness in women more attractive. Weakness and daintiness is kind of a turn-off to me, honestly.

But I have two problems. For one, I'm short, only being 5'6--or 167 cm, for any non-Americans.

The second is, my fitness goal is actually speed, not strength. My goal is to lose weight and run faster/longer, not to gain a lot of muscle. Basically, gaining more of a "runner"/track & field body.

I know a lot of women are attracted to muscles in men, but I don't like the idea of having big muscles on me, just being toned and slender. Plus, even if I was very strong, I actually don't enjoy being the protector. I don't have a protective bone in my body, unlike most men. Ideally, my partner could fend for herself.

So I'd like to hear from the sporty/gym gals? How attractive do I/would I sound? Are there any issues with my goals and lack of a "Hero Instinct?"
Girls (sporty/athletic), how attractive am I/would I be?
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