Guys, is this defined as a date or just hanging out?

Guy paying for movie and dinner, and going to go see fireworks all with another couple. Is that something that would be seen as just friends or was it more of a date?

I totally forgot to put this in... Lots of hugging and head on shoulder during the movie and fireworks. Soooo some flirting. ;]


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  • Did he kiss you? That would be a date. Otherwise it's either a failed date or a successful hang out.

    • So no kiss? If he asks you out again soon then it's probably a date and he'll probably kiss you next time.

    • yaa no kiss. I honestly thought he was going to too :/

    • That's too bad. Was he touchy-feely with you? Did you give him clear signs that you wanted him to kiss you?

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  • i think it could be classified as either

  • date to me.

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