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Anyone in ldr from being ‘friends‘ to I like you?

I am in a long distance relationship with a guy friend for almost 2 years. We met in a language app and we met in the US in person too in 2020. He currently lives in Europe. I’m
European too but different countries of Europe. Recently I told him that I like him and I’m interested to get to know him as much as I can. Even as fiends we talked almost every day even with gmorning and good night!
However I’m attending an education that is long. He responded to me positively he told me he is attracted to me and I can chose where I want to live , go back to Europe to live with him , or stay together in the US! My school is doubtful I’m having a hard time to pass so we are discussing future events to find a way we stay together.
Major Problem we are facing is covid restrictions country in Europe he is from is locked and he can’t even travel to Visit me at all for so many months or unknown months because it’s scary he might get stuck and lose his job etc.

I’m sorry I’m
Trying to make it as short as possible

To my question , Maybe because I told him I like him this past days and 2-3 weeks I have noticed he doesn’t show me much affection anymore he used to send me hearts and stuff. Maybe I’m reading to much into it? Now that I know he knows ! Now that I told him what I want.. he is usually like this doesn’t show it much in messages in video calls he is much different too! We are both introverts too, very very similar.

Being ldr we have been doing it as “friends” since 2019. We are both seems to be ok with it for now. Well I kept asking to make sure it’s ok for him ,, in the end the point is to be together weather I go there or he comes here in the future. We are about same age around to be 31 next year.

Anyone going through same situation?
Anyone in ldr from being ‘friends‘ to I like you?
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