Newly involved...don't want to seem needy

okie so me and this guy have become newly involved.if that's what you would call it lol. We usually hang out every weekend, and 2 out of the three times I've kind of hinted towards hanging out. I would ask what he's doing on Friday and then he would ask me and ask if I wanted to hang I don't know who would be the initiator in that lol.but since I'm afraid I'm always the initiator I'm afriad to ask him to chill this weekend.and I really want to see him. I'm jus afraid that he won't ask me ahead of time.and I'm not a last minute person lol. should I ask him to hang out or will that seem to needy.we also ddint hang out last weekend because I had other plans.


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  • I would ask every single weekend to hang out.but once in awhile.calling him up and saying HEY WANNA HANG OUT is okay and he shows him that you really are interested him.

    But then again leave room for him to ask you.that way you will know that he really does what to hang out with you.not just because you asked.

  • um I would sort of let him know that you don't really have any weekend plans but try not to hint that you want to hang out. see if he asks then you'll know that he is interested in you

    • After reading that whole question all jammed into one paragraph I really don't have anything else constructive to add, lol, but peacemaelove is right. I don't know why he'd think you were a nerd if you asked him, but if it's important to you that you find a guy who has enough courage to ask you out first, don't sell yourself short. He's not ignorant -- he'll ask you out if you hint at it.

    • Lol yah I blab on a lot :P...and yah:) I worry a lot is all lol...especially with new involvements and I'm stressing about it even more this time because of how busy iam at skewl lol. and while you're here lol...even if a guy is interested in you will he sumtimes not text you during the day? because sumtimes I overthink it when he doesnt...