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Is she wanting to just be friends, see where it goes, or date?

So, I asked out this girl I really liked, she said yes. Our first date went well, even though she was late to the date. We had a good conversation.

Second date didn't seem like it went well, she didn't seem to have a good time. We went back and forth a bit, and then we kinda stopped talking cause we couldn't arrange a 3rd date.

I saw her today for the first time in a few months. She's seemed surprised but happy to see me. Also like she wanted to talk more, but I slept it brief.

After thinking about it, I sent her a message saying how I was sorry how things went, and I offered for her to get together tonight, and also asking if she'd be interested in getting to know each other again. Stuff like that.

After like 6 hours she sent me this;
Hey sorry for the late reply! It was honestly nice to see you again today. I do feel bad for the way we stopped talking! I wouldn't mind talking still. I did end up going to my friends house, but I hope you have a good new years as well!!!

Is she just wanting to talk, or same things s before? When we went out the first time, she said we should get to know each other with dating jn mind.
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Is she wanting to just be friends, see where it goes, or date?
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