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Is anyone else feeling really low due to online dating?

Everyone around me seems to breeze into relationships. I even know people who have done online dating and have only been on it for a matter of months and a couple of dates here n there n they’ve found someone.

I’m a good looking woman (I’ve been told plenty) and it’s honestly starting to ware me down. Over the last 9-10 months, I’ve been on dates with 6/7 men and I got the nock back from EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. The latest one, I felt a connection with and we have been on 4/5 dates but I can already feel his disinterest since we slept together on the last date. I haven’t heard from him for 3 days. Our last meeting was brief in that we were together for only 2 and a half hours, had sex and then went home. When he does contact me again with (probably) the same proposal, I plan on telling him that I don’t want to be a booty call, which I feel will probably inevitably be the ending of it. I am also aware that he is still very much active on the online dating scene as a friend of a friend has informed me that she received a message from him only yesterday.

I am going to take a break from dating but I’m in all honesty, mentally drained from it. I understand that dating is hard, especially online dating as it’s never clear if you will have a connection and even then if their intentions are true.

Has anyone else experienced this disappointment? I feel it’s now effecting my confidence and my self esteem. Just want to know if I’m the only one.
Is anyone else feeling really low due to online dating?
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