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Do you believe in manifestation?

I wonder if I'll meet my dream man this year or sometime in the next 5 at least. I always had this dream, this fantasy, this hope really, that I would meet the man of my dreams and we would take on life together.

Whenever I picture him he's 6'5, thicker build, chocolate skinned, his moms from Jamaica & his dad from Cuba. He lived in Jamaica or Cuba till he was 14 then moved to the States & became a pro football player. He's plays either Tight End or Middle Linebacker. He played for 9 years till he decided to retire at 28. He then went into construction and architecture where he really had a knack for the hands on side of things. So he created his business with help from his NFL career and it took off. He decides to go on a trip to Vancouver and that's where he meets me, a young passionate and successful realtor who also decided to vacation in the Couve. He's nearly 30 at the time and I'm 27.

We talk and get to know eachother. We like each other and start doing an LDR all within the span of 3 months. We celebrate his 30th together in Cali. Then next we're in love and living in Canada. We've merged our businesses and they're thriving. We finally get comfortable with our business, and decide to expand. We move out of Canada and set down roots in the Caribbean where we also build a few businesses. We're completely financially stable, our businesses are stable and we decide to travel the world consistently for 2 years. He's now 34 and I'm 31 and we decide to adopt children twin boys and 1 girl. We end up building our dream house in the Caribbean together and then we live happily ever after.

At this point I've had this exact dream, maybe even premonition?🤔 so frequently that I'm not even worried about it coming true. I'm going to manifest the living daylights out of that goal and achieve it. Yeah some things may not be EXACT but I will find my dream guy and we own businesses and build a life together❤❤
Do you believe in manifestation?
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