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Boyfriend not paying rent what would be the reason?

Hi guys so my boyfriend moved in last year and he has been paying rent all along. Recently we had a talk about him getting paid Friday and he told me “btw I paid your dad for the rent due already” and I was like okay that’s good. Then yesterday my dad who is in charge of the rent money. My dad told me that my boyfriend has not given him the rent money. That he worries about me being too in love to notice that he might be planing to leave me. So I told him okay dont worry I will tell him. My sad said no don’t say nothing he probably just wants us to get into an argument. Don’t say nothing to him just wait and see what he does. I’m worried now bc either my boyfriend lied to me about giving him the rent money or my dad lied which I doubt my dad wouldn’t lie about something so serious. What should I do? Should I just keep quite and let him not pay money where is the money going?🤔
Boyfriend not paying rent what would be the reason?
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