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Looking for advice. Not sure if I offended him or what. It feels unclear if he wanted me to stay or leave?

So i stayed over the guys apartment that I've been dating the past 8 months. We spent new years eve together and the next day we went for a drive to the beach.
Normally I never stay any longer then 2 hours after breakfast, but he suggested a beach walk, so I agreed. That took us too about 5pm. He asked if i wanted to drive anywhere else but i just said the long journey back to his.
Anyway, later on we got back to his place and we moved my car out the parked lot, into a residential street that is free the next day. I asked him then if he wanted me to leave and he was like 'how about that bath together'.
So we did that, then afterwards he said he wanted to take me on his motorbike, so we did that, we drove round the same block like 5 times as I'm a newbie to being a passanger. He was lovely, kept checking i was ok etc. Afterwards, he said we should eat. So we went to a local chinese food restaurant and ate in. Now at 10pm, we go back to his and we're watching videos on his YouTube, we watched about 3 different ones. I just lay there laughing at them and not really chatting. Anyway, he says he's gonna watch a film, i noticed the time by that point 11pm and so i said 'oh im sorry I've been with you so long'. Laughed it off but he just said dont worry about it.
Ultimatley, I wasn't sure if he wanted me to stick around, considering he never directly told me to leave, or if he was waiting for me to suggets i leave. I find him hard to gauge, I can never tell if he's tolerating my company or he is infact wanting to spend more an more time with me.
I wish he was able to stay, because tbh, I drove home wishing he told me to stay. I felt bad, that I felt sad about leaving him. It felt amazing up until that point where, i didn't know if i should lay watching films with him without saying a thing, or bringing it up myself cos he hadn't.
I text him when I got home, and he hasn't replied. Now I'm paranoid that i did something wrong. I keep wondering if i should tell him how i felt
Looking for advice. Not sure if I offended him or what. It feels unclear if he wanted me to stay or leave?
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