Should I look more into dating this girl I know?

So I met this girl about 5 months ago, and I think we hit it off pretty good. But I'm extremely crazy about her now and id like to date her but she lives 2 hours away which is kinda hard when you don't have a car. So I don't know if I should continue to get closer to her or give it time because I don't wanna get attached to her and then it not work out.


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  • I think giving it time and taking time out for a bit would be important. Long distant relationships need to have access to the other person. Since you can't drive to see her and you guys are younger it just won't be worth it if it doesn't work out. Most relationships don't have a forever ending. But if you can make it work and deal with the hard parts like not seeing her too much then there are ways to make it work as long as she can do the same for you. My dad is dating a woman who lives in another state but they talk on the phone everyday and she flies here every month for a long weekend. It works for them but not everyone so see if she's willing to not see other people or be tempted when you're not around and same goes for you. I personally don't do well with long distance I like to know I can see the person I'm dating whenever I want to. You have to look into yourself and think if you think it will be lasting because otherwise it could end up being a waste of time and energy. Good luck I hope what you decide make you happy. :)


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