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Is my crush too scarred by his ex to date again?

My crush says that he doesn’t want to date anyone ever again. He had a bad relationship and when he ended it, he got bullied by everyone in his church (his ex is from his church) and he left his church. He also had frequent arguments with his ex about what to eat. The last straw was when his ex told she has no preference and he picked a place and she ended up scolding him for picking that place. this is a rather common argument but he seems quite affected by it.

As a result of that argument, he is always re-living it and applying to his daily life.
eg when we are going out for a lunch. He will say things like “I don’t want to pick.”
if I said something like I’m okay with any restaurant, he will say stupid things like “it’s very hard for me, girls say this but doesn’t mean it.” I am just his friend so I am not going to be crazy and start shouting at him for choosing the wrong food place.

I don’t know when he will step out of this bad experience and be ready for a relationship…
Is my crush too scarred by his ex to date again?
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