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Are "modern" feminist girls helping the cause or making it frivolous?

As per some so-called loud mouth self-declared feminist -
1. girls are allowed to do anything. They can put any choice, they will not date/marry any one who isn't tall, who is fat or bald. Because it is girls choice.
2. most successful girls date/marry a person who is more successful then them, because girls deserve the best and will not settle on anything lesser.

If men say either of these 2 things, then the same girls scream at them and call them misogynist, racist, women hater and what not!
These loud mouth are making it frivolous
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Okay, but what if girl is not beautiful or successful then?
Then these feminist execute plan B and tell men that they should "see the soul" not the body! And of course call them women hater, misogynists, etc.

What a GAME!
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My stand on women -
Men and women are equal. Women should have all the rights men have, not even 1 lesser. More women should be uplifted and given opportunities. It is good for women and country.

This post is about so called "modern feminist" who are fake and loud mouth.
Are "modern" feminist girls helping the cause or making it frivolous?
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