Great date, shitty day.

so I went on this perfect date with this kid I've liked for a while.

we went bowling then out to eat then to the movies, all in one night.

and the next day we hung out and it was fun, and then out of no where, he just tells me he can't have a relationship right now, with no explaination.

worst part, this is like the 5th time in a row this has happened to me with different guys. is there something like horribly wrong with me? I dnt think I'm THAT ugly.


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  • It might not be that anything is wrong with you, but just the guys you're going for. How would you describe this guy?

    • He seriously seemed perfect. we had a ridiculous amount of stuff in common, and like the littlest things.

    • I kind of meant his personality, what did he like to do, his hobbies, etc?

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