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I asked if she was single, she said no?

Anonymously because I’m embarrassed.

So I have a crush on this one woman who works at the gym that I go to. It felt like to me that we always had pleasant small talk and conversations. I complimented her smile and I seemed to get good feed back from her. She never mentioned a significant other or nothing like that.

One day, I got the courage to finally ask her if she was single. I walked in but she wasn’t there. So, I just started my workout and continued as I normally would.

Then I saw one of her friends / coworkers. I approached her friend and made small talk. Then I asked her friend if the woman I had a crush on was single. Her friend said no! So, I thanked her for the heads up and walked away.

Not gonna’ lie, I feel embarrassed. I’m concerned her friend WILL tell her that I asked if she was single. Now I have to see my crush at the gym and act like I’m all GOOD when obviously I’m a bit disappointed. Granted I’m good at putting on a brave face and faking it if I got to.

How do I get through this?
I asked if she was single, she said no?
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