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Do I continue being friends with benefits?

So here’s my situation, 8 months ago I became close friends with a guy at my school (we both just graduated now). We became close and it kind of became friends with benefits. But a weird friends with benefits. We didn’t just call each other up whenever we wanted to fuck. We ended up working together so we’d spend so much time together, we’re now in the same friend group and it was way more to it than just friends with benefits. We have deep convos, cuddle and everything. We’ve met each other’s parents and even they think we’re dating and his mum loves me.
The reason we’re not dating is because he doesn’t want to. He says he doesn’t want to put in the effort for now, he wants to figure out what he wants to do with his life first and then he’ll date me. But what I didn’t realise was that that won’t be for at least another year. And I don’t want to wait around for him.
I truly do love him so much but he refuses to do exclusive friends with benefits and if we’re not exclusive friends with benefits then I don’t want to be friends with benefits at all. I can’t stand to see the guy I love fucking other girls. But then I told him if we’re not friends with benefits then I don’t want to be friends just for now because I need to get over him first and if I’m talking to him everyday like we do then that will make it impossible.
he’s really upset at that and calls me his best friend and wants to stay friends but I can’t do it.
do I stay non exclusive friends with benefits for over a year until he wants to date and cry when he gets with other girls? Or do I not be friends with him at all and cry because of that? Or do I stay friends with him but not friends with benefits and cry bc now I have no connection with him?
Do I continue being friends with benefits?
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