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Friends w benefits?

I've been sleeping with this guy since October 2021. We went out on a super romantic date together before we came up with this arrangement. I have tried to end this relationship twice so far, but he has made up with me both times. He says he can’t be in a relationship, I don’t want to be in one with him either. I’m just trying to gauge if he has feelings for me. He’s been more playful lately and affectionate when we meet up. I was away for a month but he didn’t sleep with anyone else. He just kept texting me about how much he wanted to be with me in that moment. When I was waiting for my covid test results, he asked me to “let me know what happens b” We don’t text each other during the week. Only when we are supposed to hang out. I’ve been trying to see if we can spend time together it outside of my bedroom, but he keeps saying we’ll go soon. But I know he keeps busy with uni so I don’t fully blame him for saying that. When I sent him a post about places we could go out together with a text that said “do what you like with this information” all he said was lmaoo. So like I don't know how he really feels about me and I’m tired of mixed messages. Help!!

TL;DR - my friends with benefits is giving me mixed messages. I just want to know what he’s truly feeling
Friends w benefits?
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