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Should I fight for this girl love, am I crazy?

We met at college. At first, we were just friends, I think she's a really cool person. Months later I started to developed feelings towards her because I like everything about her, she's my dream girl! She was dating someone (not boyfriend) but I was going insane for my feelings so I told her in person that I like her... to be relieve, she didn't respond anything clear, neither she was interesting or not (obviously she was not interested in me that way, or that's what I suppose for that reaction. And I was expecting her to not be interested in me)

As I said before, she's my dream girl and I am thinking to fight for her. Be the best version of my self, I know I have to improve myself (pandemic made me a lazy di**... I Want to go back to the gym, new cloths, hygiene, read, study, everything!) but a really think I can make it! I haven't felt this way since my last relationship. Am I going crazy? Should I change to good again for her?
Should I fight for this girl love, am I crazy?
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