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Is he serious about me?

Now we both had slept with others but him while being in a relationship with me and me after breaking up with him thrice. (I always broke up.. that too 3-4 times by now). Recently dec 2021, he asked me - "Does it feel like you're never gonna find nothing better? Does it feel like you were missing out on something because I loved you different?" And i told him that i love him with all his flaws and how i would never leave him like my ex did coz I don't wanna hurt him and coz I love him. He on the very same day, ordered me to meet his mom ( this happened 1-2 days back for the first time ) and this guy - I don't know never calls me or picks up my calls after our 3rd break up ( he and his mom called me all day in Nov 2021 and patch up with me saying he loves me). It's been 2 years now. His mom dad live 1 km away from my home while he is in NZ trying for PR visa coz he studied masters there so he wanna settle there. I keep asking him if he loves me and he keeps saying that he does... he said me he would call me but he rarely does. He has two jobs and has called me only after i blocked him after blocking him post breaking up with him thrice, in this 2 years.
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Is he serious about me?
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