I have been trying for a long to get a date. The wall flower, to date or not to date? that is the question!

I have been trying for a long to get a date. I have even try the dating web sites and the only hits I get offers for sex...Don't get me wrong I like sex as much as the next person but why can't I find a date someone who wants more than a roll in the hay...How do guys feel about dating a shy person, a person who is basically a wall flower?


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  • Its really just a numbers game.

    Have you ever heard of the law of averages?

    Its used in sales a lot and explained why sometimes people go long streaks without certain things happening.

    Kind of like if you flipped a coin. Its possible to get heads 10 times in a row, but if you throw it 1000 times it will always end up like 50/50

    Point is your next boyfriend can be right around the corner.

    If you want to improve your odds. Get a vision board. Sounds weird, but I promise you it works.

    I once used a vision board to get a brad new Jaguar.

    As far as the shy thing goes. I personally like shy girls and some others do too. Problem is it requires much more work which is probably why they tend to date less.

    Good luck


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