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Is this a soulmate/ twin flame connection?

There is this guy who is a few years younger than me. When we first met I thought he was so cute and nice but in a protect him at all costs/brotherly kind of way. I ended up developing a crush on his older brother who I thought was super attractive and funny, but as time went by, I started to look this guy more. Not romantically at the time, it was more like a yearning to be close to him but because I felt that I could trust him and I wanted to be friends. Nowadays, I don't know what i'm feeling. I look at him I can't help but smile. When he crosses my mind I become happy to the point where I feel like I could cry because I want him to live a good life. I still have a small crush on his brother, but I feel more comfortable and safe with him even though we don't really talk that much. In my mind, I find myself saying that I'm better off with his brother because he's closer to my age and his personality is similar to mine, but it's making me think that maybe i'm trying to convince myself to like his brother as a way to push him away. I'm naturally drawn to him but not in an obsessive kind of way. I often ask myself is he my soulmate, and i've never thought that about anyone before. What are your thoughts about this?
Is this a soulmate/ twin flame connection?
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