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How can I find out if someone is married?

I feel like there’s something my friends with benefits is hiding. He says he always goes to bed early so doesn’t stay out late. Never wants to do anything at the last minute. Says he likes to stick to routine. He told an acquaintance of mine ( doesn’t know that we know each other) that he’s married and has kids. He told her they’re married just for appearance. He doesn’t know that she told me. But he keeps telling me he’s single and doesn’t have kids. Who is he lying to? I don’t want anything to do with a married man. I looked all over online and didn’t see anything to indicate that he is married. I have his cell number and know his full name. Been to his house twice. Told this girl he lives in a different city. Told me he lives with his parents.
How can I find out if someone is married?
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