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Why might women ignore an attractive guy that they are interested in?

By most standards I’m a very attractive guy and I have a good personality (I only say this cuz every time I ask this question the only answers I get are that I’m ugly or my personality must suck). U don’t have to believe me but just humor me for this post. Why is it tho that like 9/10 women I talk to, no matter where I meet them, ignore me. Like they’ll follow me on social media but they won’t text, call, or hang out with me? And this is from girls who ask me for my contact info too. I really don’t understand. Are they playing hard to get? Are they just attention whores? Are they scared of rejection? Like the other day this I matched with this woman on tinder, she gave a one word response to my message so I said “u don’t seem interested, how about we just end this here, fair enough?” Then she send a super long message and gave me her number and Snapchat. I added her and tried calling her she answered and said she’d call me back after he shower, never called me back. So I texted her the next day. She didn’t answer and then she snaps me the next day asking to buy weed lol wtf. I say no i don’t sell weed but u should come out and she leaves me on seen. Like what the literal fuck? This is not uncommon either. This sort of situation happens ALL the time. Some insight into the female psyche would be helpful. And how can I navigate this? Cuz it ends up on my end being very time consuming and frustrating.
Why might women ignore an attractive guy that they are interested in?
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