Guy I'm with is on dating sites?

so me and this guy have been together for about 3 years and all of a sudden he picked a fight over nothing and said he needed to take a little break. I went into the hospital for about a month and after about a week of being in there I told him that I was in the hospital because I didn't know what to do so he saw me about 3 times and when I had surgery spent the day there. he tells me that he loves me and that he still wants to be with me and that nothing will change his mind but still want to be single for a little while and it has nothing to do with me.

then I find out that he is on a dating site called plenty of fish and he says that he is only on there because he wants to meet new people because he has no female friends. I said something to him about it he says that he doesn't plan on dating anyone and that he just wants to meet people and hang out with people and he still wants to be with me. I am so confused because I don't know what to do. I do love him but I don't want to wait and think that what he says is true that he does want to be with me and he still loves me but then he changes his mind and finds someone else


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  • "We had a fight a few weeks ago over nothing, but don't sweat it that I'm on a dating site. I just want to make friends". Something is not right about this. If he wants to make friends, he should talk to people at work, join a gym, etc. They're called "dating sites" for a reason.

    • i know it don't sit right with me either. even if he did want to meet friends lets just say no girl is just going to want to meet friends with people and if they are its just going to be for a hook up

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  • Nobody joins a dating site to make friends.

    • that is what I keep saying and everyone I talk to says its OK but I don't know where they are coming from. I made a fake profile on the same site and put a different picture up and the same day my bf/ex whatever you want to call him messaged it

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  • He's not worth it, just move on. You may love him and all, but someone is going to love you back the way HE should, but he's not.

  • He's seeing what is out there, and keeping you in case he can't find anything better. It's up to you, but it's pretty obvious he's not interested in you any more. If I were you I'd dump him and never look back.

    • oh that's what I believe that he's looking and seeing what's out there and if he can't find anything better then oh there I am.. and as for him not being interested in me anymore I don't know about that he still calls me every day and is always wanting me to come over and still wants me to go on vacation with him.. maybe its me being stupid and he is using me

    • If you are OK with him looking for something better while you wait, go ahead stick with him. But it wouldn't stick with me.

    • oh I am no where near being OK with him looking for something better while I wait. he is on some dating site and some people might see it as wrong but I know his info for that and occasionally I will look on it I am not about to sit around and be played. as for the whole situation its totally messed up and I just got out of the hospital after being there for a month I don't need this crap