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How do I stop being such an embarrassment?

so i have a new boyfriend and i have had him for 10 weeks, Im 5ft 8 and he's 6ft 2 and buff cute and MANLY and protective of me, he's literally the guy i dreamed about since i was a little boy, but im so shy around him , Like when his arm is around me my heart starts beating and i get anxiety for some reason, I can't ever start conversations or anything, Im so scared of losing him or saying something that is weird i pretty much just follow his lead and do whatever he says so i dont mess up, Im also so clingly im like a puppy following him, i do stuff he wants even if i dont want to, I constantly stress if he thinks im not attractive or he found a cuter guy or something, i can't even cuddle with him without me freaking out if i stink or something, Im never calm around him im always anxiety filled, im nervous around him and stuff constantly, How do i overcome it? I pretend to be "calm and flirty" with him but im not, I dont want him to think im desperate.
How do I stop being such an embarrassment?
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