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What in the world is going on with this guy?

So I've recently started talking to this awesome guy, we clicked, everything matched perfectly, we get along, strong feelings have been caught on both ends, the whole nine.

Recently he's been acting distant, I try to ask he's like life is stressing me out and nothing more. He used to tell me good morning goodnight you're so pretty I miss you all the cutesy stuff. Now he just doesn't. I asked him to tell me if he honestly isn't interested in pressuring something, he said I'm not uninterested at all it's just stress, but yet doesn't tell me anything anymore.
We're about 7ish hours away from each other and we always used to talk about how we can meet up how we can't wait to meet up, how an actual kiss will change everything. Again just nothing now. Told him I was available for a call multiple times yesterday and he either went somewhere or didn't respond for an hour or two.

I'm trying my best to understand this guy but it's so difficult when he tells me he wants to talk but then doesn't when I say I'm available..
I appreciate everyone who actually read all this
What in the world is going on with this guy?
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