First time being broken hearted. Knew it would hurt.. just didn't know how much.

So me and this guy had been dating since October.. not the longest relationship but it was my most meaningful one. We ended things because of the the fact that I might be moving home after I graduated and because of the fact that he was a good deal older and he felt that we just were on different paths.

I ended up staying in the area because I found a job but that age difference still kept us apart.

I finally saw him after 2 months (even though we still talked and texted all the time) He was treating me to a celebratory graduation dinner and things went so well. We were trying to be friends (bad idea I know) But the night ended with him just grabbing me, pulling me close and kissing me. I pretty much melted. He talked about how much he had missed me and that I'm the perfect girl and that he wanted to see me again. Told me I was smart, beautiful.. his perfect girl.

That was Monday of last week. and he hasn't spoken to me since. I've tried to contact him but nothing. I'm at a lose for words and feeling like I somehow did something wrong.

It all just feels so unfair. Why would he kiss me and tell me all those things then just pretty much disappear.

I don't know if I'm exactly asking a question here. I just needed to vent because it all hurts so bad.


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  • Well, your first love is the hardest to get over. Especially when you didn't really break it off completely. You still love him, that's quite clear.

    It seems as though he has moved on, but I could be totally wrong. You have NOT moved on from loving him. In my opinion, he jumped a bit too fast. And you're left wondering, just as you're stated, what the heck happened?!

    It is unfair - he did not treat you as a friend, he treated you as someone he wanted to manipulate. I think he got what he wanted.

    However, with all of this, something could have happened to him that is causing him to not be able to respond.

    Do you both have any mutual friends that could help you find out about him? You're not asking as some crazed stalker, but as someone who cares about him and he has left you hanging emotionally for far too long.

    The only thing you did wrong was let your heart rule you instead of balancing your mind, heart and soul. Your heart and soul still yearn for that connection with him, but they overrode your mind.

    You so want it to work with him, but he may not be available for you after these 2 months of separation.

    I can't predict what will happen, but, no, if this guy did indeed do this to you and will not contact you, he's a boy in guy's clothing and does not deserve you.


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  • BAd idea usually to start out with a big age difference. You're asking for a bad break-up, usually, in that situation.

    Look at it that way, as just a bad idea to begin with, and maybe it won't be so painful!

  • You tried to call him and he is not answering ? He is hiding something or someone but don't let it get to you , think happy thoughts ...mwa


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