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Is my guy friend hiding a crush on me?

I have a friend who is very flirtatious with me but I try not to think too much into things because I get attached easily. Buttt he always teases me and one time he moved to my table to sit in front of me and talked to me and we had to work in groups in English and he leaned across this girl just to talk to me and kept looking at me and engaging with me. He’s teased other girls before but not like he does with me. We have this joke where he would say my name and touch me and I would jump and he would do it to me almost everyday because he knew it “scared” me. Once we had to share a computer because he forgot his and our English teacher turned the lights off and we sat really close together and he was like “I’m uncomfortable”. Also once he was looking at me and I told him I was uncomfortable and he was like “why?” I also had to give a presentation and he didn’t make eye contact with me throughout but after he clapped the loudest. He literally always teases me lol and says my name a lot. And he seems uninterested when he talks to this other girl and she has to talk to him first. Once he was teasing me and he was like “isn’t that right..” and he said my name and I was like “no I didn’t say that” and he was like “you know I would never put you in a position to embarrass you” which I actually thought was sweet. And a couple of weeks back we all went to cook out and there was this creepy older guy who saw me and was like “hi” and just stared at me. And then my friend asked me if I was ok which made me feel a little better and today he told my sister that she was like his little sister so does all this mean something lol. He knows my type of guy and it’s the complete opposite of him. What is all his behavior?
Is my guy friend hiding a crush on me?
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