Dating a man who shares dog with ex girlfriend?

I'm dating a man 9 1/2 years younger for two months now, and he shares a young lab dog with his ex girlfriend that have broken up for 8 mo. now. they were together for 4 yrs. I'm beginning to get jelous and or worried. He told her about me and now she calls him often. I'm annoyed. What should I feel or do?

he says he loves the long I'm thinking that this can go on for? I want to ask him that. I'm not the type of woman that with this shared custody, especially that she knows he's dating now. It can get sticky for me. I'm not into having my or future man seeing his ex or even talking to much at all.


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  • Kill the dog.

    • Tell him to make different visitation arrangements... like a month at a time.

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  • maybe you could get a dog, it may distract him from the other one. If he is not over her then you should leave him though, that never works out.