Which girl do I want?

Alrighty, so this is the most overasked question out there. But, here it goes.

So, I have this group of friends in high school. At the beginning of this school year, I had a fling with this girl, we'll call her Julie. We had such an amazing physical attraction, and she's the kind of girl that no matter how bad she treats me I somehow still like her. So Julie and I had some fun( ;) ) and I was about to ask her out on Valentine's day, and then she gave me the cold shoulder and stopped talking to me. So the year passes by, whatever. And then this next girl, Gale, starts flirting with me. Gale is less insanely hot and we get along really well. she's nice, money, and compatible. keep in mind julie and gale are friends. good friends. so somehow word gets out that I like gale. and she liked me. so I asked her on a date, but that had to be pushed back till she got home from junior olympics. and while gale was at junior olympics, my friends and I went to disneyland. and julie was flirting. a lot. to the point where I literally asked her what she was doing and she said ya know, just having fun and winked. And I was flirting back. and then the next day I go over to julies house and we flirt a lot and held hands and fell asleep on her couch spooning and holding hands watching a movie. and then two days later, I had all my friends over, and both julie and gale are there. Julie is pretending like nothing ever even happened and gale is being her less slutty, flirty self. also, julie had made it known she liked me but just kind of wanted a hook up. julie would not even sit next to me in my hot tub. and I really like both, but for different reasons. julie would be more flingy and fun while gale would be more serious and long term. I honestly have no idea, and I'm not having a problem with who to text because julie threw a water balloon at me so now its broken. so I really just want some advice on who to ask on a date and how to know who I like more.


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  • Hmmm. It sounds like Julie is all about playing games. So if you just want to hook up I'm thinking she is your girl. Warning after you guys hook up, she might go back to giving you the cold shoulder. Don't let her be the puppet master. You try not being so available to her. You say the girls are friends right? When I was in H.S. There were girls that would silently compete for guys attention just to win, even if they didn't like them. So be careful.

    But if you are looking for the real deal, Gale sure sounds like she is wayyy into you. Long term potential. Don't worry about hottness, if you like her you like her. F everyone else! Do what makes YOU happy.

    Just remember because they are friends once you pick that's it, no turning back. So make sure you are 100% before you do. I hope I've helped <3 mako


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