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What should I do in this situation? Please read description?

So I’ve been on deployment for a few months now and I met this guy at the beginning of the deployment. He was pursuing me and asked me to hang out with him a few times but I was kind of turning him down at first. So when I finally started to spend time with him I started to develop feelings for him and I thought that he felt the same way and we even had sex a couple times. So fast forward to now, all of a sudden, he’s been ignoring my texts lately and he never stops to say hi to me at my job like he used to. So I sent him a text telling him if he wanted to be done with me he can come out and tell me. Then I saw him this morning and I finally talked to him about it in person. And he basically told me that he hasn’t been doing good lately and that his ex ( the mother of his child) was going to go to Cali ( where he’s stationed at) to see if they can get back together. He also told me that if he doesn’t get back with her then he might not get to see his daughter. I understand that seeing his daughter is at stake, but me and him had something going on and him telling me that he might get back with her is a slap in the face. So I asked him if he was going to get back with her and he said he doesn’t know and he’s been thinking of a decision. So I told him that once he figures that out that I’ll see him later and I walked away. I’m honestly thinking about dumping him. What should I do?
What should I do in this situation? Please read description?
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