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Dating during lockdown. Is there still hope for us?

Went on a blind date with this guy, first weekend of November. I think we had a connection because we saw eachother 6 more times after that (once a week, because we both work fulltime). We talked everyday through messages (we didn’t talked about any special stuff, just like: how was your day etc.). In Holland we have lockdown since the second date so there is not much we were able to do. Most of the time we went for a walk (I know, but it was the best we could do. We both live with our parents so not much place at home).

Last week I asked if would meet again, he mentioned he’s not sure what to do. He says he has feelings but not enough. I explained he expected the feelings to grow more since we saw eachother a few times. He said he needed time to think about what he wanted. I told him every choice is the right one and I would give him time to think.

One day later I messaged him because I had to get something of my chest. I thinks it’s all about timing. We were Total strangers to eachother and didn’t really went on real dates (only walks). I think we have a connection because we saw eachother multiple times.

We agreed to pause dating, because dating during this lockdown is not the way you can learn about eachother in a ‘good/normal’ way.

Do you think he would still give me a chance when the lockdown will stop? We kissed and hold hands the whole time hahah
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We enjoyed the time we saw eachother during our date walk. The thing is, it’s the only thing we can do. Atm, there is NOTHING to do in Holland. Literally everything is closed. I was wondering if I should text him how he’s doing or just wait with texting until we can plan a new date?
Dating during lockdown. Is there still hope for us?
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