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I don’t know how to progress with this girl?

I (18) had dated this girl (18) two years ago for a short while of 2 months but broke up with. She had liked me ever since but I didn’t want to try until recently when I decided to try talking again.

I started a conversation and it went well for around two weeks. She tended to be very responsive and kept the conversation going.

This was until she started to be more unresponsive for about a week or so. I was going to give up until she started to snap again.

Ever since she has been sending selfies and trying to look attractive but when I start a conversation it tends to be short or she’s busy by doing something else so just reverts back to selfies.

I’m looking for how to get a conversation going so that we can eventually meet up in person. I know we can have good conversations, I just need a good way to engage her.

I get there’s plenty of fish in the sea but I just want advice to see if there’s anything I can do to continue this relationship.
I don’t know how to progress with this girl?
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