Your long-term partner refused to let you kiss her?

Your long-term partner refused to let you kiss her... for months together. Girls, how would you interpret it?


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  • I think your partner may be under some stress. Having children and all the changes that this brings to life can be stressful and then you don't feel able to do/or feel like you want to do things like kiss or have sex. I don't have children but I have seen the same behavior in family members and other women, during the first couple of years of having children. If I were in your position I would speak to my own doctor or a counsellor about your partners behavior because it is affecting you. I don't think there is a way or interpreting her behavior and if it is stress your partner may not even be able to say why she is having like this if you were to ask her. Stress causes all sorts of chemical and hormonal imbalances in a persons body and this affects both their physical behavior and their mental behavior .

    • Your reply made me think, thanks!

    • You're welcome and I wish you both luck in the future.

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  • She may have not been ready

    • No question of this! We've been kissing for 4-5 years in the past (and she initiating mostly!) till the kids came along!

  • She's pissed off at something or other you did

    or she's getting her kisses elsewhere

    • You're probably right. Pissed off is more like it. But when someone is pissed off for years together, it's irritating...

    • what did you do to her?

    • Honestly nothing! She has some job issues, feels that she got a raw deal out of life (when compared to her more affluent friends)... and that I'm neglecting (when am actually tearing my ass off trying to make a living)...

  • I've been in a long term relationship (almost 4 years now) and when I don't want to kiss, it's because either his breathe smells really badly, I'm pissed at him, it gets boring and I want to miss him kissing me, or I'm just not in a cuddly/loving mood.


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