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How to not look awkward when approaching girl?

I have a problem with figuring out what to say, and being really nervous to approach women. I’m afraid to look awkward or like a creep. There are a few young ladies at the gym that I would even consider approaching. I just don’t have anything slick or catchy to say. Even then trying to carry on a full blown conversation that leads to a date, is another issue. I just tell myself all kind of excuses, and at the end of the day I’m home all by myself. I can only think of boring and dry things to say or nothing past hi how are you? How’s your workout? For me it is like an impossible thing to try as some would put it “spit game,” and stand out from the crowd. Well stand out in a good way and let a girl know I’m worth her time. I need some advice.
How to not look awkward when approaching girl?
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