Should I give up or not?

I'll tell you all of the details up to now and let you decide for yourself. There is this girl that I work with. I have very strong feelings for her. A couple of months ago she said we should go to the movies. I said OK, but never got to take her. We got each others' number and she texted me that night saying she wanted to write a song about her ex to try to move on I guess (I am a musician). Weeks passed and every oppourtunity that I gave her to come hang out, she always had an excuse. It got to be a little bit much for a coincidence. Then last week, I asked her if she still wanted to go to a movie and she said of course, but she didn't get a day off of work to go with me. Because of that, last night I asked if she wanted to come hang out with me at the park. She said she would let me know if she could because she wanted to. Come to find out, she never texted me back, but she did go to the park last night. I'm tired of playing games. I have such strong feelings for her, that it's tearing me up. I am thinking that I should just tell her how I feel and give up completely. So should I keep trying to hang out with her and see where it goes, or just straight up tell her how I feel and leave it at that?


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  • Neither. Stop texting her. Stop asking her out. Stop hoping that she will go out with you. She just broke up with a guy and probably feels bad about herself. Your attention makes her feel good about herself, but she's not really interested in dating you. She won't tell you this of course, because then you'll have no reason to stick around and you (and the attention you give her) will be gone. Forget about this girl and move on without saying another word about going out. If you have to see her, then be polite, even friendly if you like, but stop interacting with her unless you have to because of work. Get busy looking for other girls to hang out with.

    • She's already talking to other guys, and I have had feelings for her for a while, so it's hard to just stop. I just want to tell her how I feel for my own personal benefit.

    • well I've been in your shoes... tell her how you feel if you must, but I doubt it will help... good luck.

    • thanks man. I don't care if she accpets it or not. I just need to know that she knows, I guess just in case.

  • Clearly she's either not interested, or thinks it will be too complicated since you work together. Give her space and if one of you leaves, try again when you aren't working in the same place...