Second Date Tips Please?


so I found this woman on okcupid who seemed really cool and I emailed her. We talked a while and then I asked her out to drinks. Last night I took her to a favorite restaurant of mine. She had already had an earlier dinner with a friend so we just had beers and talked for an hour or so. It was the first time I met up with somebody from online and it wasn't completely awkward.

At the end I paid the bill, and we parted ways in the parking lot. As at the beginning, she hugged me, and I said 'We should do this again. I'll give you a call". She acknowledged and that was that.

Now I haven't had much dating experience despite being 23, and none recently. So help me with a few pointers here.

When should I call? I was thinking perhaps tomorrow since our date was last night.

If we do a second date it should be more of a dinner setting yes?

Finally, I'm kind of a nervous, shy guy. How do I make a move to kiss her on a second date? At the start? End? If she were to hug me again at the start couldn't I give her a peck on the cheek? Or should I make some moves to hold her hand?

As you can see, I'm clueless, and being slow to pick this stuff up has cost me a girl I like a while ago. I was just too nervous to really show it too soon.


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  • Call tomorrow night

    • Waited two days, called back and chatted but I guess she wasn't as interested as I was... lol. Oh well. Thanks everybody.

    • aww, I'm sorry. Better luck next time

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  • Calling her tomorrow & doing a dinner type setting sounds fine to me. Kiss her at the end of the date and try to make this date a little more flirty. Don't be overbearing, but flirt with some physical contact here and there.

    • So like hands across the table to her etc... Try and kiss her on lips or cheek?

    • Exactly. Or if you're sitting next to each other you can touch her briefly while speaking, hold her hand, touch her hair. Just gauge her reaction to these things so that you know how to proceed. If all seems to be going well then go for the lips at the end.

  • Call or text the next day to let her know you are thinking about her and had a great time. I don't know about dinner- I would go for a concert or a sporting event- a little less formal and a lot more fun than dinner. Dinner dates can come when things get a little more serious. Don't be stressing about kissing, whatever happens will happen and if you are worried it will make it awkward. But, hey, that is just my opinion.

  • Id give it a couple days to call her, I think calling her the next day looks a little desperate. As for the physical aspect of it I'd let HEr control the pace. Let her make the move, and if she doesn't do anything guite yet, try to be on the look out for obvious signs that she wants you to make the first move. I for one wouldn't give a guy a kiss on the 2nd date, so she might be trying to take it slow. If she hugs you again, hug her back.

    Take your time with this girl and enjoy the natural process of geting to knwo each other. Eventually everything will fall into place.


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  • Your options are open for a second date. First of all, though, I'd be wary, in an informal setting like that, she didn't offer to pay half...

    Modern women who let a guy pay in an informal setting like that are usually not worthwhile.

    I wouldn't do anything costly for the second date, for one thing.