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I don't know if I'm getting fazed out by him?

im 22 female, i met this guy, and the attraction was mutual between us, after a couple of times of us seeing each other he told me that he liked me and i said the same, we both agreed that we weren't looking for a relationship now and that well go with the flow and see what happens. we naturally saw each other every day, we would have sleepovers and go everywhere together. we agreed that we aren't seeing other people. everything was going great i met his sibling and she told me all i hear is your name, thats all he talks about. i met his friends and he would tell me oh theyre saying " you're girlfriend is so pretty". it was good until we would go out and get drunk and he would tell me" i love u and i love spending time with u but I don't know if im ready for a relationship, this happened 2 times. i decided to speak to him about it and he was ldk if im ready, so i decided to reverse psychology the shit out of him and tell him i didn't want one now for the time being also. he was shocked and he's like were practically dating but without the labels, i said ya labels hold people accountable for their fuck ups. he travelled for Christmas and New Year and we still agreed that we were exclusive. we've barely spoken when he was gone, now he's back into town and its been 2 days he hasn't reached out, i did and he was like im sick and I don't know what. i dont know if theyre excuses I don't know what to do, i miss him but im not gonna reach out anymore. can anyone give me some guidance or advice on what to do from now, or why he could be acting like that?
I don't know if I'm getting fazed out by him?
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