Does he want to hang out?

A couple times, he's talked about how he doesn't hang out with a lot of people, or that on ___ day he was super bored and was just sitting in his room. I haven't noticed him talking about that stuff in a group setting, only when he's just around me. Could he be hinting he wants to hang out with me?


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  • First off, it's not something you'd post on a billboard or announce in public. It would probably elicit that "loser" vibe most people try to avoid in general. If he's mentioning it to you, it most likely means he wouldn't mind you're being with him to break the cycle he's in. He feels lonely and wants company. Now he's waiting for you to say you wouldn't mind hanging out.

    Next -- sigh -- don't give in. He's being lazy because he's lonely and this Eeyore tactic has worked for him before.

    Next time he says he's bored etc. tell him about something you do when you're bored. If he seems interested, tell him where you go for that activity. He SHOULD ask you to go with him (or if he doesn't know where it is, he should ask you to show him the new place) at that point. If not, he's not hinting about asking you out/hanging out with you.


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  • Yeah he is hinting to you that he wants to hang out.

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