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How to get over a girl?

I loved her and I still do. It’s been months since we last spoke, and I’m feeling like there’s no end to me getting over her. I know she probably doesn’t care about me anymore, but I sometimes wonder if she thinks about me too. She had feelings for me, enough to make her cry when we stopped talking, but she knew this other guy longer than me, that’s why she picked him even though I feel like she made the biggest mistake of her life. I would’ve done anything for her. I would risk my life for her without hesitation. Like I have life goals too within the next year that will make me own a nice house, a 6 figure income too, all by myself. But I know money isn’t everything. But I just don’t care anymore about anything. What’s the point of owning nice things if you don’t have the person you love.
How to get over a girl?
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