Have you ever talked to someone of a dating site without a picture?

Well basically I set up a Plenty of Fish account because I was curious to see who I would be matched with. I did it one day, filled out my profile, and never went on the site again. I didn't upload any pictures of myself. Well about a week ago I was contacted by a girl on the site. She doesn't have any pictures uploaded either. So we started sending messages back and forth and it turns out we not only go to the same school, but are in the same program. We've been sending light, flirty messages back and forth for a week now. We've exchanged first names. What I'm worried about is that I won't be attracted to her if we ever meet. I am by no means the most judgmental of people, and could stand to lose a few pounds myself, but l can't help what I find attractive and unattractive.

Has anyone else been in this predicament?

How did it go?


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  • Yeah, when I was younger, I wound up speaking to a girl over the phone, to see if we'd hit it off on a blind date (set up by a friend of mine). We got on perfectly fine on the phone, and yet when we met, we just had no chemistry at all.

    I learned a lot from that. First, I learned not to be so shallow. That was good, because before that, I wouldn't have even talked to a girl who looked like she did. And today, I have to say, I have quite a few girl friends (friends who are girls) that young me wouldn't have bothered talking to, but old me is very happy to know them. Which leads to the second thing I learned. Even if you don't connect with a girl romantically, that doesn't mean they can't be a good friend.

    So meet the girl, but think of it as meeting a friend face to face. Not a potential girl friend. Because even if you fancy her, she may not fancy you. Have no expectations of anything like that going in, and just get to know her as a friend. If there's any sparks, then great, fan that into a flame. For the purposes of meeting her though, don't over think what it might be, and focus on what it is.


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  • Well, I met my boyfriend online. It was completely unintentional. I was on some random chat room pissing people off when I started talking. We hit it off wonderfully. The only real issue was that he was 25 and I was 18, so I thought he was a little old for me. Another thing was that he said he was a nerd, and believe me I have no issue with that since I'm one myself, but I thought that meant he was dorky looking too. When I asked him if he was hot he said he was average. I was like...sh*t...I'm screwed. I got to know this awesome guy and now comes the disappointment. He finally sent me his picture and I prepared myself for the worst. It turns out he was MAD HOT! Skinny, toned, dark hair, blue eyes, defined jaw. DAMN sexy! (: So it turned out pretty well. lol.


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