How to start dating again?

after a break up with a very special girl I can't think of anyone else but her. but I know that I need to move on. how long should I wait before I start a new relationship? and what would I say to my next girlfriend when I already know who my perfect woman is.


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  • You'll know when to start dating when:

    you begin to stop thinking about your ex and the good and bad feelings of her don't impact your day

    you find yourself no longer caring about her day to day activities

    you can easily dismiss thoughts of her as 'in the past' without regret

    you can thoroughly enjoy the things you enjoyed doing before her and when you couldn't be with her

    As my friend told me, "You'll know when you know." It's hard to just tell someone how long to wait before dating, but ask yourself these questions if you really want to date again?

    Is my heart cleared of any pain from my ex?

    Am I dating this new woman because I expect her to fill a hole in my heart?

    Am I happy just being by myself?

    Will I be enhancing this new woman's life?

    Am I ready to be vulnerable and honest?

    • thanks man. very usefull advice

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    • Well, nice to meet another great guy! *bows* Rock on, sir!

    • haha you too man

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