Can you still attract a woman if you have no game/dating skills?

I hear the saying all the time, you need to have confidence and think positive about yourself and not necessarily be good looking to attract women, but what if you don't have any "game" as they say in dating, can you still attract a woman? or if you have confidence does that mean you already have "game".


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  • Honey, different girls find all types of characteristics attractive. Maybe you're shy, inexperienced, not flirtatious, awkward, etc. Whatever it is that holds you back from having "game" can be something some girl finds cute, makes you unique or corky in a good way. Most often, the things you're insecure about are the things that attract other people to you. The best advice anyone could give you is be yourself, even if that means you have no game. You'll find someone, and she'll feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be with you. Best of luck!

    • thanks, I appreciate that, feeling even more confident!

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  • i think game is only for hook-ups/one-night stands only

    • thanks, you definitely keep it real. Wish there were more women like you and your name says it all, thanks again!

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  • You don't need 'game' to attract a woman. What you do need is to be confident, which cannot be taught, unfortunately.

    How do you act around your friends? How do you act around those closest to you and feel most comfortable being around? This is how you should be most of the time - positive, as positive energy attracts positive energy.

    You can attract a woman if you know what you want. You imagine her and feel what it would be like if she was in your life.

    You had confidence to post on here, albeit it anonymously, but you still have the courage to ask for help. Apply that courage to attracting your partner. sir.

    • thanks man, what you said really helps!

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