What is her deal, is she playing games or what?

OK, so I met this girl who had remembered me from a year go. I was kind of surprised that she remembered me and thought I should ask for her number and she said sure we can get some drinks and hangout. 2 days later we talked and said we will hang out for sure with her friends, I was all good with that and told her to call me when they get to the bar. She never called or what not, I thought nothing of it and didn't say anything. We talked a day later and we hung out while she was at work. 15/20 minutes was pretty chill got some good vibes and she said we should hangout some more I was like Definitely when she had to go back to work. Then 2 days later she texts me while I am at work and says that she wants to invite me to a party, I said sounds good I will text you after I'm done with work, she said sure. When I get off work and text her she didn't say anything, I was like I'll go for a quick workout and check back later. an hour goes by and still nothing, so I text her asking what were the directions to this party. Waited a bit and then went out to the bars with my friends and thought nothing of it again. This is twice now and she didn't hit me back up the next day either not that I expected her to but why stir up interest and invite to a party with her friends but not bother to even reply back? What is the deal with this girl, she was the one who said we should hang out and get some drinks and then she was the one who invited me to the party but no replies, WTF?!


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  • Both of those times that she didn't text you about hanging at a bar and a party, could be because she was clearly busy with her friends at the time. She might have forgotten.


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