How do I get over being jealous?

OK well, I get jealous when my boyfriend (been together 1 year 5 months) who I love, talks/hangs around other girls. I trust my boyfriend completely and I know he would never hurt me. I just don't trust the girls he talks to :/ I want to be OK with him being around other girls though. I'm a tomboy who plays sports and hangs out with guys, and my boyfriend is pretty much OK with it. He may get a little bit jealous here and there but that's normal since we love each other and never want to lose one another. But I'm just not OK with him and other girls. It really upsets me and I don't talk to him about it because he excepts me hanging with other guys. So how do I learn to except girls around him? :(


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  • It's normal to feel jelous of other girls talking with your boyfriend, because we fear that these girls are competition in our unconscious minds. Maybe be you could try getting to know some of the girls your boyfriend talks to, that way if you have an idea of the girls he's interacting with, it may help you feel less jelous. I would also suggest talking-to your boyfriend about how you are feeling as he might be able to introduce you to or tell you about some of the girls he hangs with. Hope this helps.