Dating my brother's ex?

So I am more or less dating this girl, whom I love deeply. Things are fine until one day she told me she dated my twin brother (we're fraternal and are totally different. We have opposite personalities, look different, etc.) for like a week a year ago. So naturally I was surprised, but she assured me that she and him didn't do anything and are just friends now.

Thing is, she still spends a lot of time with him. From what I've heard it's just friendly stuff. Also, my twin brother and I hate each other and we don't talk. Ever. Don't ask.

Some of my friends told me that she's no good, and I should end it. They have a point; she broke up with me couple months back but we got back together (she said she was going through something rough and still had feelings for me). My friends have said she's just using me to get back at my brother.

I really love and care for this girl, but it also makes me uneasy that she is still good friends with my brother. I feel hurt and betrayed, and starting to doubt this entire relationship.

Advice, inspirational comment please?


Thank you

NOTE: I don't hate my brother. Just not on good speaking terms. We tend to ignore each other usually


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  • This sounds unhealthy. It will eat away at you over time, little by little. It's doomed. D:

    I'm guessing these are friends you trust and have no reason to lie to you. If they unanimously agree she's using you, odds are they're right.

    Sorry man but IMO you should start with the process of detaching your feelings from her. The sooner the better...


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  • Maybe in a very non possesive way you should tell her how it feels about her being so close with your brother.


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  • You hate your twin brother, yet she dated him. What does that say about her taste? :D

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