1st Date went well, agreed on a 2nd date, but now no call back?

I went on a date with this girl from spin class. the first date went great, we had a lot in common and great conversation. I could def feel that she liked me (messing with hair, laughed a lot, blush, etc...) As I dropped her off, she was getting out of my truck she turned and said she had a great time and looked forward to seeing me next time. I did not try to kiss her as I did not want to rush/push anything. The next day in spin, she came over to tell me that "she was in a hurry but wanted to let me know that she had a great time." We were on opposite sides of the class and she could have left without coming over (its a large class so it would not have been awkward if she just left - there are 4 ways out) I told her I had a great time as well and that I would like to take her out again, sometime soon. She agreed (she looked eager for me to ask her out again - big smile and eye contact). She said, I have to go, but I will be in class and we can schedule then. Its been a few days and I sent her a text because she missed class (she never misses class) saying " hey loafer, no spin today?" To which I did not get a reply - and really did not expect one - I just wanted to send a flirty text. I called a few days later to ask her out again as I have not been in spin or she has not been over the past few days. I called and got her VM and said "Hey Kate, its Sam, give me a call" She has not called back and that was 2 days ago. My question is if I'm reading into this too much (cant get out of my head?) or what? I really like this girl and want to make sure I don't screw anything up. I actually get giddy/almost nervous around her - this has not happened to me in forever!

Any advice on what to say next time I see her in class? Or if not, when to call, what to say? Do I mention that she did not call me back? How do I gauge to make sure she is still into me?


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  • What else is going on in her life? Is she busy with anything that you know about?

    How often did you see her in class before you went out with her? Was she there everyday, once a week, etc?

    • She is been really busy of late! She just bought a house and I know that has taken a good bit of her time. We usually talk a few times a week, if not every day. Every once in a while I will go to class and not say anything to her - to keep her guessing -i don't want to be in the friend zone! It usually works and she walks over to me the next time or is excited to talk with me the next time.

      I have known her since Jan, but did not ask her out because I had a Girlfriend and am not that type of guy.

  • Just carry on as usual. It's her turn to contact you. If she is aloof next time you see her in spin, there's your answer.