How do you hang around the girl you like without taking her space away?

So If you like a girl, you want to get to know first as a friend talk to her etc, and hang out, I know that if you are ALWAYS hanging around her all the time it is like you're just always there and doesn't look like you give personal space, and thinks your a leach (not in the sense you crawl up her leg and suck it)

Example: I had a message written to me by a girl (not rude or anything) but she said she doesn't thinks he wants to date guys at the moment and she doesn't want to give off a wrong impression by communicating with me, then I realized I was too clingy, but not purposely and I felt like a jerk.

So off all this my question what's a way to get the know the girl you like without invading personal space?


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  • Let hey know you wanna hangout


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