Post first date emergency! adviceee

I met this guy about 2 months ago at the bar, I got a little tipsy and kissed him. We just started talking, two months later when we saw each other at a mutual friends party, he invited me to hang out for 4th a July and I ended up ditching him but I truly didn't want too, I felt bad. Then he asked me out 2 days later to dinner & a movie, it went pretty well, he was very good at keeping the conversation going but it would get awkward, he just seems nervous. lol. He payed for everything and even wanted to hang out after so we did, he just was very forward with wanting to hang out more, he wanted to make dinner for me for a our 2nd date?and then hang out for the next few days he has off work. Am I making this up in my head or is that kinda fast? I get he probably just likes me, but I felt like I was hanging out with my brother. Plus he is white and for some reason I just like black guys, I try to date other types but it all resorts back to black. lol GIVE ME ADVICE PLEASEEE


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  • you won't ever feel attraction for this guy. So you did right thing to ditch him.

    leave him alone.

  • ok do what you like.tell him now about your feelings so he won't feel more hurted.the longer you wait the more hurted he will tell him you are attracted to black guys and you view him as your brother.if he truly likes you he would not mind that much.and stop hanging with him because he would like you even more so be concerned 4 his feelings too because he has done quite a bit 4 u.


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