Which has been a better dating experience, dating "cute" or "hot" girls?

When I say "hot" I mean a girl that most males can look at and think that she is good looking and just right looks wise. Very attractive to the general public.

When I say "cute" I mean a girl who is decently good looking, but has a few flaws that keep her out of the "hot" zone (maybe a little weight, bad skin, plain jane, etc.). This does not mean that's not "hot" to you just "cute" to the general public.

Do you feel that a hot girl would take you for granted since she knows she has a lot of options more than the cute girl? Do you feel a cute girl would be less stuck up and vane since she has less of an appearance to keep up? Or, do you feel that it does not matter on how attractive a girl is she will still act the same (a hot girl will act cute and visa versa?)


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  • The girls who are in the 'hot' category are mostly vain, high maintenance, and openly contemptuous of all guys who don't belong to a country club...I've learned to stay away from them!


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  • It dosen't matter. A girl is ALWAYS a "Queen" on the internet, and therfore has ALWAYS optiions.

    hot, cute, fat, ugly, won't matter.

    While the "hot" girl might know the game somewhat better

    The "cute" will tend to have less issues with her self, and therfore be a better girlfriend material


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  • I think on average the cute girls tend to have better personalities than the hot girls, so relationships are usually more enjoyable with them. But there's always the exception to the rule.

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