Is he worth the wait?

m= me, h=him

m=i moved back to Florida

h= ey thank god I missed yuh ;)

m= yeah? (:

h=oh yuh we gonna chill when I get back? :)

m=yeah we can hang out (:

h= ight sounds good

m= what do you want to do?

h= what you think;)

m= well I think we need to talk first for a lot of reasons

h= oh **** okay lets talk lol

m= okay I don't know how you feel or anything but when we first started hanging out I wasn't like emotionally avaliable and now its not just about hanging out for me

h= I don't get it lol

m= I have feelings for you, do you?

h= do you really lol I do but I mean I don't really want a relationship :/ but I do like you

m= yeah. I don't really want one either, but it feels weird just hooking up when I don't know what we are

h= how about this we hook up but we're friends and we won't talk or hook up with anyone else so that'll be good :))

m= isn't that friends with benefits?

h= I don't know but I do like you so I don't know I love doin what we did

m= I think we should try to date and if it doesn't work, we can just go back

h=but if we date then stop I don't wanna fight how bout when I get back we just do what we did and move from there

m= I don't wanna do that

h= then what you wanna do

m= we should try to get to know each other better and not see other people

h= I just said that lmao

m= okay but as more than friends

h= yeah Because I know you want that d*** ;) (he was joking)

m= I'm being serious, I'm not joking

h= so we won't do anything?

m=we should try to get to know each other and not see other people. that doesn't mean we won't do stuff cos we both like it ;) (I reaaallly do)

m= but I'm really serious

h= sounds good to me I miss that *** and the way you suck ;)

m= (-___-) anything else...?

h= I miss everything. lol what do you miss

m= your face and how you're so good in bed ;) pretty much everything

h= lmao ugh I wanna see you

m= lol I wanna see you too

after that it was just dirty talk, but I tried to talk to him about serious things... he told me what I anticipated the most and I said "just you" and that was the end of our conversation.


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  • I think you should really think about what it is you want from him and what you'd be prepared to settle with. For example, are you okay if he just wants you for sex?

    If you really want a relationship to start (or at least see if one is possible) then I would suggest you remove sex from the equation for right now. At the moment he just sounds like a horny guy willing to tell you anything to get you back into bed. See if he's still that interested in spending time with you if there's no sex for a month (as an example).

    • I didn't think he sounded like a horny guy that just wants to be inside you but I do think you should remove sex from the picture certain amount of time (like a week to a month) and you could even change your mind midway through you could just use it as a test. unless of coarse you don't mind only wanting you for sex and/or hoping his mind changes in, in that case just proceed as you discussed

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  • I think you're defining things far too much. Hanging out, having sex and not having sex with anyone else, or talking to anyone else is a relationship.

    Why can't you just hang out & let things naturally lead to what they lead to without pressuring the guy to commit to a relationship with you before you've even returned. He obviously wants to have sex again, whether he's serious is frankly a little uncertain until you've actually had it again.

    He's a guy, we say things like that for sex, then regret it afterward ;p

    • so, what should I do then?

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    • And remember, he did say he doesn't want a relationship. He wants to have sex, he likes you, he wants to hang out, but he doesn't want a relationship.

      I hope you understand what that means.

    • not really... I'm a relationship noob :( so break it down for me?

      and what's the likelihood of it turning into a relationship down the road?

      once again, I'm new to all of this :/ I just don't want to be wasting my time, but I'm willing to try to see if he actually wants it to be more than just sex.

  • I think he'll probably just try to keep pushing it to go further than you want. =/ Honestly from his conversation, he kept going back to the sexual things, and only talked about vague other intentions when you pushed for it.

    I don't think he'll want you for anything more than a Sex toy.. that's all I see. =/ I'm sorry..

  • he sounds like he just wants sex to me..


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    Ii don't wanna hurt your feelings but this guy really seems like a complete jerk...

    all he wants is to get his d*** wet...

    i mean if your okay with that, whatever

    but there's no point in looking for a more serious relationship with him, your not gonna get anything out of it

    man, I hate guys like this

    my advise get rid of him

    but whatever you do GOODLUCK

  • He said he don't wanna either of you to do anything with other people,then why not just be together? I think he don't want you to do anything with anyone else that's why when you kept being serious he was joking my guess he still wants to see other girls.but the fact that he is OK with getting to know each other more maybe he sees you as an option in the future...and the sex is good :)

  • he sounded like he just wanted to get in your pants.. If you guys actually do start dating, I don't think he would be serious. he probally end up cheating or something. I think you should just give it up, I already don't trust him and I don't even know him!

  • in Some Ways he's worth the wait , but then it sound like if he pretty much wants you in bed if you like that too then yeaa maybe it is worth it because its better to have him than to never have him at all well hope my answer helps you (:

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